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Warning: some times there may be unusual fetishes coming to play as I'm attempting to make this something for everyone, if it strays from the norm beyond the whole futa thing I will put a warning before scenes like these. She smiled as she saw the face of her beloved mother, Kushina Uzumaki smiling down at her. Naruko's eyes widened the flood of cum rushing into her womb snapping her into reality as her back arched from her own orgasm. Tensing a bit as she unloaded herself into her daughter's pussy, Kushina gave a few jerks of her hips before heaving a sigh of relief and satisfaction, slowly pulling herself out, her smile widened at the sight of her essence flowing out of her daughter's snatch, reaching out to grasp her daughter's hair and using it to wipe off the residual cum still on her dick, chuckling slightly at the soft cries of protest about 'taking forever to wash out' that resulted from her actions and admiring her daughter's form, despite her age her daughter had truly grown to be beautiful, long, silky blonde hair and blue eyes on a heart shaped face, flawless skin with the exception of the three whisker marks adorned on each cheek, a ht body and c-cup breasts and not a strand of hair anywhere but on her head, and her sleepwear of a orange see through negligee and matching thong which was currently pushed to the side only served to enhance her sensuality. Still smiling Kushina pulled up her panties and straightened her dress back into place, before she started walking out the door.
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Author: Plump-Hinata | FanFiction

But when they're train leaves before they can get to it they find they have to stay the night. But when they check into the Milk Maid's Hotel they don't realize that they'll never check out. Contains non-consensual sex, mind control, bondage, maid outfits, and other fetishes. Remake of Kuroinu and Princess Knight Catue.
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AN: Hello there, all you wonderful, horny people! And I'm assuming you're here for the same reason otherwise you would have paid attention to the warning in the summary XD. If you have a problem sue me. Also, if there is a certain scenario you would like to see play out, either leave it in a review or PM me and I'll see how I feel about doing it :.
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Hello people BladeofHell56 here with a lemon one shot requested by a reader of mine that I decided to do. Give a shout out to ssvidel3 for his ideas which will all be going into this well almost all, sorry man no footjob like you asked, I tend to have the futas be dominant and getting a foot job is pretty sub. Change of plans my followings are all on this account and I'm not risking them, so I'll be reuploading this on a different account, look for Drako Thanks to an awesome fan, one HentaiZandermon, this has been commissioned to the aritist jadenkaiba, it can be found on jadenkaiba's page on hentaifoundry, there's only one page out so far but hopefully it updates quickly. Kushina Uzumaki was many things, a kunoichi, an ex-jiinchuuriki, a mother, but one thing was kept secret to all but her doctor, daughter and late husband.
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